In today’s world of abundance and availability of the internet choosing the right option for everything really matters. We always want to choose the right option for ourselves, be it while doing an online shopping for clothes etc, then why not choose the best strategy for marketing your business? In today’s world, you can easily end up choosing a wrong strategy and end up wasting a lot of time and resources. Here is a small analysis that might help you to choose a smart marketing channel for your business.

Online vs Offline

A choice that bothers people the most.  A wrong choice here can really hamper your business promotions.
If you focus on only one then it affects your business promotions some or the other way. The problem is choosing how much of it is needed? Striking the balance is the key here. Its not that tough as it seems. There are numerous online marketing channels available in the marketing, going digital and focusing on social media is the key. Targeting the right audience, be it online or offline is what that matters. Focus on such channels which give you direct access to your target audience. If you need to align and identify the target audiences properly. Target audience age group, their availability on social medias matter a lot, for example a lot of teenage crowd ,students and youngsters are attached to social media channels like Snapchat, Whatsapp and Facebook etc also similarly a lot of business community is available on Ablifree. This is exactly what you have to decide and target the correct business crowd for your product and services. Again when you focus offline ,its better you target places which attract crowd but again the nature and type of crowd matters. You can choose a crowded mall, theatre, college campus, college annual events or business conferences and meet ups for promoting your product/services accordingly.


Product Positioning

Have you ever considered this most important element about your marketing plan? Have you realized that your product positioning can actually define the best way to communicate your product attributes to your target customers based on your customer needs, competitive pressures, available communication channels ? A difficult thing to achieve 100%, but this is a continuous process and the more you refine it more you start understanding your target audience. Product positioning helps you refine the product as well as marketing strategies for your product. With better marketing strategies you can adopt smarter marketing channels too.


Go Social

“We don’t have a choice on whether you do social media , the question is how well do you do it.”:- Erick Qualman. That should settle it in 1 line.
Gone are those days when social media was a fad, nowadays it has become an integral part of life. Everyone whether a person or a company is on some sort of social media. So how do you separate yourself from the mob? Do your social media marketing smartly. Choose the correct media platform and target the correct customers and audiences smartly. How many of you know any other social media platform to promote your business other than facebook?Do you know  social media marketing is lot more than just  posting and promoting content on facebook? Well its time to think about other platforms depending upon the audience and customer age group along with customer preference? We have marketing channels like Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp where most of the younger generation is attached to. Promoting your business on these platforms just increases your exposure and helps you find leads there by increasing the  ROI. So many businesses are tapping these platforms and getting a better success and hit rates for the products. Then there are apps like Ablifree where you can target the Business community and find new business opportunities.  Creating video profiles for your product or services and promoting them  on  apps like Youtube ,Facebook and Ablifree  really helps in creating  an awareness and generating interests in your product and services.


Guerilla Marketing

Get rid of those traditional marketing notions. You need to implement smart strategies for advertising your business. You need to rely on unconventional marketing strategy ,high energy and imagination , it’s about taking the customer by surprise ,making an indelible impression and create copious amount of social buzz. Guerrilla marketing is a great alternative to traditional marketing. It thrives on original thinking and creativity, where imagination and ingenuity beat out big budgets.

Guerrilla marketing tends to be cheaper than traditional marketing, relying on smaller, more localized brick and mortar strategies like Graffiti marketing, Flash mobs, Publicity stunts ,Treasure Hunts, Viral Videos, User generated content competitions and creative landing pages for your website. All these or any of these can be implemented to create a buzz for your brand.


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